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Standard Portraits

Whether you're looking for Senior Portraits, Business Headshots, or just a few photos to send your loved ones, the standard portrait session is what you're after.  

Stylized Portraits

Looking to spice things up? Looking for something to really capture who you are, or your dreams into an image?  Stylized is the way to go.  Theres so much more freedom with creating art, and too much creativity to settle for "normal".


There's so many reasons to hire a photographer to capture images of you or your loved ones.  With the standard portrait sessions, you know what you're getting.  Professional images of you in a setting and style you decide upon.  These shoots are usually because you need something to show people an accurate image of yourself.   Senior photos for a yearbook and graduation invitations, headshots for corporate usage and self promotion, or just a way to immortalize a time in your life such as graduation, promotion, or change of lifestyle.   Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns with your upcoming photo session. 

 Want to stand out above the crowd?  Want to create art as opposed to just a pretty image?  Stylized sessions can be the most fun and creative way to express who you are; your desires, dreams, and passions.  From infrared images to futuristic themes, contact me and let's start discussing ideas and concepts to create an art piece you'll love to hang on the wall for all to see.   Are you a chef that wants fire dancing around you as you create amazing meals?  Are you a mechanic that wants to show you're not afraid to get greasy?  Are you a bride to be that's tired of everyone having the same photos for their bridal shoots?  Reach out to me and lets get creative and unique!

A short behind the scenes video of a recent Stylized photoshoot I did!  Who do Voodoo?  We do Voodoo!

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