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There are some photos that our cameras have captured that reserve a space in our hearts and souls.  These moments have stories, emotion, mystery and passion.  To mass produce this, is a drain on the intensity of importance.  These photos capture such passion and beauty that I have placed a limit on how many prints will be sold.

We all have a view that puts our mind to ease.  A view that settles our hearts and takes our breath away.  Only a glimpse of the immense beauty can be captured by a photograph; the rest is up to our memories.


As the day fades into night, we glance to the sky for beauty and serenity.  These stars watch over us, providing light, hope, and peace.  We must not forget those before us, and those watching us.


There's so much beauty in this world.  Some things we can see, such as a smile from a friend, or the stars on a clear night; yet some of this wondrous world we miss with our senses.  Infrared light is one such beauty, and with the help of technology and dreams, we can finally witness it with our own eyes.


This world has so many intricacies that no one can capture the beauty of it all.  But the journey and the adventure of life would not be complete seeing new perspectives, cultures, icons, and places.  


Sometimes an image needs to be portrayed in a different way to tell its story.  Sometimes a wall needs a creative spin to accent its safety and warmth.  These photos are a few examples of what a different canvas size can do to a memory.

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