Boudoir is a fantastic way to boost your self confidence and take an adventure you've always dreamed of.  Relax in front of the camera, and showcase the confident woman you are.    Most women have explained a boudoir shoot as liberating, empowering, and a completely new way to see yourself.  

In todays world, a woman's self image is under constant criticism and critique. One of the best outcomes from boudoir photography is the empowerment after the shoot.  The confidence boost, the new perception of ones self worth is absolutely amazing.  The common misconception about Boudoir photography is that must be for a significant other.  Boudoir is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding gift, or just a random show of love; but even more importantly, its a way to show to yourself that you are sexy, confident, independent, and beautiful. Take the first step of that adventure, and contact me to discuss your shoot.  Hesitations, fears, insecurities are all part of this style of photography, but meet with me and we can discuss all of those, and I guarantee you'll see yourself in a whole new light after this journey!

Many videos are coming soon.  I will be explaining what Boudoir photography is, the process you can expect to go through, the diffent options and styles, and address many questions that are common.  I hope to put your mind at ease, and encourage you to take a chance to see what beauty emerges when you book a boudoir shoot with me.  

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