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Artist Bio


Justin Ramsey

     Justin Ramsey was born in Los Alamos, NM in 1983.  After writing that first sentence, he decided to write the rest of this artist bio in first person.  I grew up in the lovely town of Los Alamos where I loved to play, camp, rock climb, and get into trouble every now and again.  I had taken the local photography class at the high school for an easy "A", but due to the Cerro Grande fire, most of my class time was non existent.  After a few life paths that didn't pan out, such as college, I decided to try my luck in the film industry as both an actor and crew member.  I gathered myself a certificate from CNM to say I was a competent crew member for film, but by the time I had the paper, I had many movies already on my resume.  As time progressed, I realized that as an actor, I didn't have much personal say in the final creative work.  I decided that as much fun as it was, I needed to have more say in the final outcome, hence photography.

     With only a couple weeks of experience with a film camera, I never felt I'd pursue it with such passion.  Honestly, when I got my first digital camera, I got it with intent to become an amateur model photographer so I could photograph scantily clad women.  About twenty clicks of the shudder into my first shoot of that nature, I realized the potential from a camera and my lust switched from my model to the art.  With over ten years of failures and successes, my love for photography has blossomed into the art you see today.

     I never succeeded in the formal educational system, and so the majority of my skillset has been self-taught.  I've spent many hours on YouTube, google, and out in the field trying new things and techniques.  The best education I've received though, has been through travel and family; seeing new perspectives on life and how to see the beauty around me.  I've been featured on a couple social media sites, and have sold numerous prints through miscellaneous art shows at Fuller Lodge, including my own "Solo" show.  My work currently hangs around several businesses and homes all over the world,  Hopefully the future is bright, but on the off chance that its dark, I know how to expose in low light situations as well.

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